Projection System


     A projector simply projects images onto a wall or projection screen. Projectors are typically used to increase the image size for viewing by audiences.

Projectors come in a variety of sizes, normally measured in Lumens which is the brightness of the light. This brightness will determine the size the image can project and the distance the projector can be from the screen. Slide projectors use light to project images from 35mm slides. Digital Projectors use light to project images from computers and DVD players.

A multimedia projector is a display device that can display multiple types of media. Such as DVD players, CATV boxes, PC's and laptops. Most have multiple inputs with different video connectors and formats supported.

A LCD projector is a video projector. A video projector could be a LCD, DLP, or LCOS projector basically; LCD projectors are a type of video projector.

Panasonic has led the industry by developing and manufacturing projectors distinguished by innovative ideas from more than 35 years of experience. Panasonic has continuously improving the picture quality, durability, and ease of use of projectors with original Panasonic technologies, including lamps, lamp drive systems, and image-processing engines. Projectors with built-in Edge Blending and Geometric Adjustment functions, also expand projection capability to super-wide or even curved screens. This kind of flexibility further boosts your own creativity.

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